Viva Intranet – the components of a modern intranet

Microsoft’s Viva employee experience platform offers new, modular services related to internal communications, on-the-job learning, well-being at work, and sharing and finding information. One of the modules, Viva Connections, is designed specifically for making better use of the services provided through the intranet. A Viva-era intranet is built on the modern platforms of SharePoint, Yammer, andContinue reading “Viva Intranet – the components of a modern intranet”

Intranet Information Architecture – Part 2 – Purpose and scope of the intranet

This is the second post in my blog post series explaining how to plan and implement an effective intranet information architecture. In the first part we got the ball rolling with the basics, and now it’s time to start defining the purpose and scope of the intranet. In the upcoming parts of this blog postContinue reading “Intranet Information Architecture – Part 2 – Purpose and scope of the intranet”

Three tips for Modern SharePoint

Modern SharePoint is beautiful, mobile-friendly and fun to use. Moreover, it’s an increasingly effective platform to tell your story, digitalize business processes and help employees to share and find information. Modern Communication and Team sites have been around for years already, but just like the whole Microsoft 365 stack, they are constantly evolving. If yourContinue reading “Three tips for Modern SharePoint”